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It is the policy of our company to perform work in the safest possible manner consistent with the Health & Safety Act and Regulations for Construction Projects. It is our belief that every employee in the construction industry is entitled to work in a safe and healthy construction environment. Every reasonable precaution shall be taken to provide such an environment.Our goal is to eliminate or minimize the hazards that cause accidents and injuries. Any accident in this company shall be viewed as a serious matter and shall be thoroughly investigated.We distribute HSE Policy Copies with employees, discuss & explain in detail. Compliance with this policy is reviewed regularly at all employee levels. Violations are recorded & worked upon till their closure. Repeated disregard or wilful violation of this policy by any subcontractor or employee at any level is considered cause for disciplinary actions.

HSE Policy

To be the preferred source of quality construction services company while building a most favourable & successful organization.


Quality Statement

  • We are committed to providing quality work to our clients which meets the project standards, specifications, schedules while maintaining Profitability and Competitiveness.

  • We seek to achieve quality by instilling the principle of “Trust to Last” in the efforts of all levels of staff.

  • We ensure continuous improvement through quality processes directed by an expert management team.

Quality Policy

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